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Trump plans reciprocal tax against allied, others
February 12, 2018 22:51:55pm
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February 9, 2018 08:16:36am
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Bush indicts Russia of meddling in 2016 U.S presidential election
February 8, 2018 11:34:01am
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Trump admits tweeting in bed sometimes
January 29, 2018 05:22:09am
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Trump insists Mexico will pay for border wall ‘directly or indirectly’
January 18, 2018 08:01:07am
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Trump announces ‘Fake News’ award winners, CNN, NYT top list
January 18, 2018 06:25:25am
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U.S. interested in strong relations with African countries – Tillerson
January 17, 2018 05:20:39am
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I want immigrants from everywhere - Trump
January 17, 2018 04:30:10am
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U.S. could ‘conceivably’ rejoin Paris climate agreement - Trump
January 11, 2018 04:57:30am
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U.S. to withdraw more troops from Iraq in coming months
January 10, 2018 12:07:05pm
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